Planned Features

This is the current list of planned features we have as listed in our GitLab instance. We will try to keep this updated as we work through the existing list and add new ones per y'alls requests.
  • Life Module Based Character Creation
  • XP Management (purchase, auto subtract on purchase, earned)
  • Export to JSON with planned MekHQ Import (don't bug the team, this is OUR feature to add)
  • Inventory Management
  • GM Tools for 'at a glance' viewing of characters in a campaign
  • PDF Export to 'official' character sheets
  • Money Tracking (automation)
  • Equipment Management
  • Combat Tracking
  • Faction Affiliation Logo's
  • Custom Profile Pic for Character
  • Vehicle/Unit attachment
  • To Hit calculations
  • Pilot Quirks
  • Vehicle/Unit Quirks
  • WCAG 2.1 MINIMAL Accessibility Support
  • Mobile/Tablet Friendly
  • Full Internationalization into multiple languages