WARNING: This is a PRE-ALPHA version of A Time Of War Character Management web based application that we are publishing now to get some initial feedback on what has been done to this point. We know there is still LOTS left to do (XP Tracking, Inventory, Vehicles, Equipment, etc) and will work on them from time to time as time permits.

The goal of releasing this now is to re-affirm our commitment to Catalyst Game Labs, and the general BattleTech community, that we are serious about wanting to produce these game aids for the broader community to help foster more players to join and enjoy this game we all love so much.

As of now (Feb 2, 2022) there is no license or contract between us, Catalyst Game Labs, Topps, nor Microsoft for use or creation of this software. We are working dilligantly to get the required licenses from all involved to be able to offer these tools to all.

If you encounter any bugs, or have feature requests beyond basic feature (XP Tracking, inventory, things we've already mentioned), send us an email. This will create a ticket in our GitLab instance and we'll respond with yes, no, already in the works, etc. Added benefit is as we work on it, you'll get notified of when/if it goes live. Please review the list at Planned Features before submitting a feature request as we might already have it in the pipeline.

We also have a section on our Discord that has a direct feed from our GitLab instance for all actions on the repository. Tickets issued, pipeline status, etc. Feel free to come in and keep tabs on it.